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The vision of MYLPA is to strengthen and promote our Latino community by fostering a welcoming environment for young Latino professionals within the Metro area and by bettering our community as a whole.

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President’s Corner by José Flores Jr. (Jan 10th of 2014)

President’s Corner by José Flores Jr. January 10th, 2014 MYLPANOS and Friends, Feliz Año Nuevo to you all!  What a year it has been indeed!  In just our four years of existence, we have surpassed what we did in 2012 by leaps and bounds.  There are many things our organization can look to 2013 and […]

President’s Corner by José Flores Jr. (October 15th)

MYLPANOS, What a last couple months it has been for our organization! We have been very active on many fronts. Beginning with our annual fundraiser in August, we had a huge success in raising funds for local students and exceeded our goal by nearly doubling our original goal of $5,000. As this was our second […]

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